LWVVC Board of Directors

LWVVC Leaders and Officers

Claudia Roth, President, 2015-2017
Suze Peace, First Vice-President, 2015-2017
Gun Safety Committee
Natural Resources
Elizabeth (Libby) Hilderbrandt, Second-President, 2015-2017
Membership Chair
Nicki Junkins, Treasurer, 2016-2018
Budget Committee
Betty Drees Johnson, Secretary, 2016-2018
Gwen Azama-Edwards, Elected Director, 2016-2018
Bylaws Committee
Carla Christianson, Elected Director, 2015-2017
Voter Service Chair (to contact Carla email to reclaim4all@gmail.com
Pat Drago, Elected Director, 2015-2017
Bylaws Committee
Education Action Team Leader
Sandra Horikami, Elected Director, 2016-2018
Voter Editor
Voter Guide / Candidates Information Project Committee Chair
Ann Smith, Elected Director, 2016-2018
Politicos Immediate Past Chair
Jeanne Tanke Appointed Director, 2016-2017
Venue Chair
Nominating Committee, 2016-2017
Ann Harrell, Chair
Louis "Larry" Moore
Carolyn West

Appointed Committe Chairs and Action Team Leaders, 2016-2017:
Jack McConnell
Observers Corps Action Team Leader - to contact Jack, email to mcc1685@gmail.com
Janice Cahill
Facebook/Twitter Administrator
Nancy Vaughn
Solar Power Liasion to LWVF