Election Updates

2016 Elections Over: The 2016 elections are now over. We hope you found our LWVVC Voter Guide helpful for local elections, as well as the other resources offered by the Florida and national leagues. For results of the elections in Volusia County, see the Department of Elections website.

NO on Amendment 1: The League of Women Voters of Florida strongly recommended NO on Amendment 1 which was also opposed by major newspapers and consumer groups, and Amendment 1 failed to pass. For more information on why we opposed Amendment 1, see http://thefloridavoter.org/vote-no-on-one-fact-sheet/.

Remember to continue to study our office holders so you will be prepared for the next elections. To see how incumbents in national elections from your district voted while serving you and for more information on them, go to http://votesmart.org/. You will also find links to positions, speeches, etc.

FAQ: To find contact information on federal and state elected officials for your district, click here. Contact information for county officials is on the County website. The Office of Elections provides names of all elected officials on that website, www.volusiaelections.org - go to "Public Officials" and select the category. The Municipal category also links to each city's website.

To follow pertinent bills in the Florida Legislature, go to http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/Sections/Bills/bills.aspx and, using the Find A Bill tab on the right side, type in, in quotes, "Florida Election Code" - this will give you links to the latest actions and texts. The same search works in the Senate at http://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bills

Please note the links to the Elections Office in the left column of this page. We know you will continue to find many of these links useful.

Project Vote Smart compiles information on national and state candidates, primary election dates, and much more. You can find candidates and current office-holders, their voting records, positions on issues, interest group ratings, campaign finance reports, etc.

Links to Websites of the Major Political Parties:

The Democratic Party
The Democratic Party of Florida
The Volusia County Democratic Party

The Republican Party
The Republican Party of Florida
The Volusia County Republican Party

For a list of other political parties in Florida with links to their websites see the Florida Department of Elections list.