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See also LWV's Impact on Issues - Online Edition which is designed to help League leaders use LWVUS public policy positions effectively at the state and local levels. For information on more than 50 topics collected at LWV, see the LWV Clearinghouse. The purpose of this site is to share League study documents among some 800 national, state and local Leagues and with the public. Leagues can save time by not reinventing study materials and see how other Leagues have approached a tough issue.
  • Guns on Campus? If this is a concern to you, see LWVF's notice of action posted 1/31/16.

  • Money in Politics-1 Money in Politics: The League of Women Voters of Volusia County did a study of the role of money in politics as part of their larger studies of campaign finance. The committee, chaired by LWVVC Board member Carla Christianson, studied many documents, organized their findings and presented them in several meetings around the county. On January 9th, the LWVVC membership met to discuss the findings and come to a consensus on the many questions posed by the national LWV. Approximately forty LWVVC members met for spirited discussions on the questions posed. Christianson compiled responses from each of four tables at the meeting, and that "Money In Politics Consensus" Report is available here. This consensus report was forwarded to LWV to be included for the final national consensus on how LWV should focus its efforts. Other documents available for members are the text of Carla's presentation at the December 1st Hot Topics meeting on the issue.

  • Transportation in Volusia County - LWVVC Consensus: January 2015 Transportation Consensus Meeting SpeakersThe final LWVVC Transportation in Volusia County Study and Consensus is now available at This final document will be presented to the general memebership at the May 2015 Annual Meeting with a recommendation that it be added to the local Programs for which LWVVC advocates. The Transportation Committee studied the issue for many months and led the Consensus meeting January 10, 2015. Pictured here are members of the hardworking committee: Fred Peace, Pat Gadbaw (Chair), Dennis Clayton, Carl McCoy, Pat Gadbaw, and Suze Peace (not pictured,Summer Clayton).
  • Water Quality Issues: In 2014 the Volusia County Council passed a septic tank ordinance due to the impact on septic tanks on the environment. For a brief description of the ordinance and its reason for existing, see the County's website. The site also includes an informative, narrated, slide show.
  • Transportation Policy in the Volusia County area was studied by the LWVVC Transportation Committee, and their report will be found in the November-December issue of The Voter, pages 13-19. The January, 2014 LWVVC program will be a consensus meeting on Transportation. Additional information on Volusia County public transportation and updates to Votran will be found at
  • Campaign Finance: Get information on what persons/businesses/organizations are giving financial support to county, state, and national election campaigns at LWVUS President Elizabeth McNamara has released a Call To Action on "Dark Money" - click here to learn what you can do. See also this February 19, 2014, LWVUS press release explaining the LWVUS's communication to the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Voting Issues:
    • On March 3, 2014, LWVF sent a letter to Jack Latvala, Chair of the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee, expressing strong support for online voter registration. Click here to see the letter.
    • Supreme Court Decision on Voting Rights: The League of Women Voters continues to express its concern regarding the June 25, 2013 Supreme Court decision which greatly weakened the Voting Rights Act. For the LWV's statement on the issue, click here. To download a LWV template for a letter to the editor asking that Congress address this issue, click here. To read the Supreme Court's Opinion and Attorney Arguments on this case, go to and select "Opinions" and "Arguments" for the case "Shelby County v. Holder".
  • Indian River Lagoon Concerns: Troy Rice, Director of the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program, presented on this issue at the LWVVC meeting February 15, 2014. He has generously shared with us a copy of his presentation slides which can be viewed here.
  • Education:
  • Immigration: LWV supports 2013 Senate bill S. 744 for immigration reform. Read LWV's statement here. See also the approved position of the League of Women Voters of the United States on the Immigration Issue.
  • Health Care Reform:: Signup for affordable health care under the Affordable Care Act began October 1, 2013. For more information on the exchanges and other aspects of the law, see the government website The Kaiser Family Foundation has also produced an updated version of its short animated video "The YouToons Get Ready for Obamacare" which gives a very understandable overview.
  • Redistricting: LWVVC and other chapters in Florida were very active in the successful efforts to push for amendments for non-partisan redistricting. For more information on this topic, see the website of For information on 2012 redistricting progress see the state website For the latest census statistics on population patterns and demographics in Volusia County and our cities see also the Special Fact Finder from the Census Bureau.

For a description of current LWVVC Positions, see Positions. For documents and studies prior to 2007, see Archived Documents