Welcome to the home page of the League of Women Voters of Volusia County(LWVVC)

LWVVC Annual Meeting: Reserve now for our April 26th annual meeting to help determine priorities for your LWVVC for next year and to elect Board members and officers. For details and to review the issues and the slate of nominees, see the April-May 2014 VOTER 2014 Legislative Summit

Pat Gadbaw and Gwen Azama-Edwards attended the LWVF Legislative Summit and Council in Tallahassee as LWVVC voting delegates. They are shown right with LWVVC member and LWVF Board member Pat Drago (in the middle).
Gadbaw and Azama-Edwards

Gadbaw and Azama-Edwards at the Solar Support meeting. They spent a lot of time meeting with legislators and in LWVF meetings. Thanks to all three for their efforts.

April 11th Capitol Report is now available here.

League of Women Voters of Florida Responds to Florida's Decision to Suspend Voter Purge. Read LWVF's March 27th statement here.

April-May 2014 VOTER now available here. Please review carefully, as it include news of the April 26th Annual Membership meeting when our organization elects officers, considers bylaws changes, and positions. We hope to see all members at this meeting. March 22nd Speakers

Special thanks to Pat Northey, Volusia County Council Member, and Lois Bollenback, Executive Director of Volusia Transportation Planning Organization, who spoke on Transportation Planning in Volusia County at our March 22nd meeting. This is part of LWVVC's continuing study of local transportation. Our speakers are shown here with program planner Pat Gadbaw and President Claudia Roth.

Public Education: Read LWVF's "Action Alert: Protect Public School Funding & Block the Expansion of Private School Vouchers" notice here.

LWVVC is pleased to provide cash prizes for student exhibits at the Volusia County Social Studies Fair. This year the theme was RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES IN HISTORY, and our judges, Patricia Gadbaw and Carolyn West, focused on women and voting. Elementary winners were Zane Hair of Forest Lake and Valen Sudhartha Brown of Citrus Grove. Middle school winners were Lindsay Peck from Saint Brendan Catholic School and Rachel Gerker from Heritage Middle School. Photos are linked from the winners' names. Congratulations to all.

On March 3, 2014, LWVF sent a letter to Jack Latvala, Chair of the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee, expressing strong support for online voter registration. Click here to see the letter.

Florida Water and Land Legacy Campaign Update: The amendment proposal will now be on the ballot as proposed Amendment I, and a website has been set up to promote getting out the vote for the amendment. For updates on VoteYeson1fl.org see http://voteyeson1fl.org/.

Indian River Lagoon: Unable to attend the February 15th LWVVC program on the Indian River Lagoon? Troy Rice, Director of the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program, has generously shared with us a copy of his presentation slides which can be viewed here.

LWVUS President Elizabeth McNamara has released a Call To Action on "Dark Money" - click here to learn what you can do. See also this February 19, 2014, LWVUS press release explaining the LWVUS's communication to the Internal Revenue Service.

Voting Rights: The League of Women Voters continues to express its concern regarding the June 25, 2013 Supreme Court decision which greatly weakened the Voting Rights Act. For the LWV's statement on the issue, click here. To download a LWV template for a letter to the editor asking that Congress address this issue, click here. To read the Supreme Court's Opinion and Attorney Arguments on this case, go to http://www.supremecourt.gov and select "Opinions" and "Arguments" for the case "Shelby County v. Holder".

For the Supreme Court Opinion on the DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) case, see http://www.supremecourt.gov/ and select from the column of recent cases "United States v Windsor". Transcripts of the attorney's oral arguments will be found on the same site here.

Want to know more about a U.S. Senator's or Congressman's votes on a topic such as gun control, abortion, or other topic? Check out this database compiled by the Washington Post. It lists those who voted No, Yes, or did not vote for each bill in Congress (party affiliation not noted, but you can sort by name or by state). Select "Explore" to find out about each Congressman and Senator and his/her voting record.

The League of Women Voters (LWV) is a non-partisan organization to encourage the involvement of all citizens in government and the electoral process through education and advocacy. Please note that while the League of Women Voters may advocate for carefully studied issues, the League never supports or opposes candidates for office, or political parties, and any use of the League of Women Voters name in campaign advertising or literature has not been authorized by the League. In addition to using the links on the left, members of the public are invited to view the positions and issues studied by the LWVVC as listed on the right and below.

We hope you will consider joining the League. Any citizen over 18, male or female, may become a voting member of the LWV. Associate membership is available to younger people and non-citizens. When you join the League of Women Voters of Volusia County, you automatically become a member of the Florida and U.S. Leagues.

What can you do as a League member?

  • Attend our monthly meetings. Enjoy a meal while hearing a speaker on a timely topic or discuss an issue in a small group setting.
  • Meet other interested citizens from around the county as you become informed about important issues.
  • Read League publications that keep you up to date on questions of national, state, and local interest.
  • Join a study committee to focus on an issue that especially concerns you.
  • Volunteer to help other community organizations learn about issues and election laws.
  • Assist with fundraisers such as the Politicos on Parade, held in election years, with local public officials serving as our models in a fashion show. Funds raised are used to help support the LWVVC's educational efforts. To see a list of the elected officials who modeled in our 2012 fashion show and the generous sponsors who help make our work possible, see our 2012 Politicos on Parade program which was distributed to all attendees.

For a membership brochure and application, click here. Mail your application with your check to the LWVVC address listed. Or, you may contact the LWVVC by phone (386-238-7361) or email mail@lwvvc.org to request a printed form.