Archives of the League of Women Voters of Volusia County

Welcome to the Archives home page of the League of Women Voters of Volusia County. The LWVVC celebrated its 60th birthday in September 2009, and a project of several devoted members has been to collate and organize the voluminous history of the organization. The Board decided to scan many of these documents and photographs and place them on our website. This Archives website is still under construction, but it will be growing over the few years. We hope you find it a useful resource as more items are added.

LWVVC Activities and Photos:

  • 2013 - April: LWVVC sent two representatives to Tallahassee for the Legislative Summit and the LWVF convention, April 10-13, 2013: President Patricia Gadbaw and Gwen Azama-Edwards, a past LWVVC board member who was just elected once more to the LWVVC Board. LWVVC was awarded a certificate for growing our membership more than 23% in 2012. Gwen took a number of photos, and we are pleased to present several of them here on our website.

Documents from Annual Meetings: Programs and Minutes

Reports and Documents from the Board on Earlier Studies and Issues
For current positions and studies see Positions.

Incarceration in Florida: The January 12, 2013 program featured Dr. Risdon Slate, Professor of Criminology at Florida Southern College, speaking on "The Need to Consider Alternatives to Incarceration." He agreed to share his slides with us, including some on incarceration of the mentally ill. To see his PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Health Care in Volusia County: In April 2011, Dr. Bonnie Sorensen, Director of the Volusia County Health Department, spoke to the LWVVC about the status of health in Volusia County. Dr. Sorensen has generously provided her presentation to LWVVC's website so others may view it here. For ease of access, Dr. Sorensen's presentation has been converted from PowerPoint to the more common PDF format.

Smart Growth is a topic closely followed by the LWVVC. See the LWVVC Position on Local Government which addresses growth.

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Wells: The League of Women Voters of Florida issued in 2003 a position on this issue.

Immigration Study: See the approved position of the League of Women Voters of the United States on the Immigration Issue.

Alternative Voting Systems Study

Restoration of Ex-Felons Voting Rights: For more information on this issue the LWVVC recommends the website of The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. The League of Women Voters of Florida is a member of this coalition.

Civic Education:
At the LWVVC meeting January 22, 2005, the subject for discussion was “Civic Education and the Role of the League of Women Voters”. For a brief description of this meeting, sources of information on civics education, and status of the bill to include middle school Social Studies as part of the Pupil Progression Plan, see

Smart Growth:
Volusia County Comprehensive Plan: