The Voter: Newsletter of the League of Women Voters of Volusia County


Issues of the print edition of the LWVVC newsletter, edited by Sandra Horikami, will be placed online as published. Print copies will still be mailed to all LWVVC members who do not choose online delivery only, but the Board is pleased to offer this extra service on our website. This also makes information in The VOTER available to members of the public who might be interested. We urge all who are not currently members of the League of Women Voters to become members. Click here for more information on the LWVVC and how to become a member.

Note that these online editions of The VOTER may have been edited to remove personal phone numbers and email addresses. If members of the public wish to contact any of the Board members listed, please email, leave a message at 386-238-7361, or write to that Board member c/o LWVVC at P.O. Box 9695, Daytona Beach, FL 32120, noting to whom the message is directed.